About Me


             I have always perceived the world a bit different than most. I lived in my imagination and I always felt the need to care and nourish things that needed to be loved (often times at the expense of myself). Over time I learned how important it was to love yourself unconditionally. I mean like really dig yourself. And when I learned to accept every part of me including my flaws I found so much power in that self- love. I also found that I had a lot more to give to the world and this is where Sincerely Jaynelle was born. I wanted to create products that brought love, joy and wellness to all walks of life. I wanted to help nourish the beauty that lives inside all of us. It is my hope that when you are using or wearing any of Sincerely Jaynelle products that it brings you a bit of joy and puts a smile on your face. I thank you for allowing me to share my creativity with you. I'm truly grateful.

  Peace, luv n light